Common Core State Standards Resources

As we prepare for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), I've gather a few resources from my Twitter PLN.

How To Align Your Curriculum to the Common Core

White Paper: 5 Things Every Teacher Should be Doing to Meet the Common Core State Standards > Eye On Education

Understanding The Common Core - With 80 Links To Important Resources

How to Teach Informational Writing > Eye On Education

Presentation Assessment Best Practices | Core Connections

The Common Core for School Leaders: A Guide to Developing Systemic Curriculum

How to Design Text Based Questions and Teach Students to Answer Them

Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards

Nine Ways the Common Core Will Change Classroom Practice

Quick Guide to Common Core: Key Expectations Explained

Everything You Need to Know About Common Core Assessments

A Quick Guide To Common Core: Key Expectations Explained-Mathematics

Unpacking the Common Core State Standards: Why?

How to Align Technology with the Common Core State Standards

The Most Useful Resources for Implementing Common Core: Opensource

More Common Core Resources for School Leaders

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking | Fluency21 – Committed Sardine Blog

In the Trenches: Common Core Literacy Lesson Plans > Eye On Education

3 Useful Web Tools That Meet Common Core Standards

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