May 2nd, 2014

Teacher appreciation, like appreciation for parents, is something that should occur daily. However, because it's such a giving profession, it’s expected for us to be all things for our students, colleagues, and community. To accept the call to be an educator is to accept an awesome responsibility to guide, mold, nurture, ignite, care for, love and discipline others in order to help them become what they were created to be.

On behalf of the Administrative Team, THANK YOU for your unyielding dedication to our students, your craft, and your calling. 

When I was at our Alumni Hall of Fame and Cornerstone Induction Ceremony on Friday, I listened to each recipient talk about the impact a GLHS teacher or colleague had on them during their time at GLHS. There was such a deep appreciation, love, and respect for how GLHS educators helped to shape the recipients into the people they are today. They talked about how GLHS is like Family. 

Please take a few minutes to watch this inspirational Soul Pancake video called, If I Knew Then: A Letter To Me on My First Day of Teaching.

Staff News
Congratulations to English teacher, Deb Muir, and her husband Greg, who are pregnant and expecting in November! 

Congratulations to Psychology teacher, Todd Keenan, and his wife Bridgett, who are expecting their third child in November!

Please keep Spanish teacher, Pam Cook, in your prayers. She's been in Mt. Carmel East Hospital for a few days suffering from major headaches. She may be released today or tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers for German teacher, Chris Swisher. She is feeling fine now and in great spirits!

Please keep former English teacher, Mark Miller, in your prayers. He recently had surgery and is recovering at Mt. Carmel East. He is getting better each day and would appreciate our prayers and words of encouragement.

Students As Learners
Thank you for updating Progress Reports last week. I'm sure you've been in contact with the parents of any of your students who need an extra push to finish strong. I also appreciate you making positive phone calls to parents as well!

If you have any upcoming student presentations, speeches, or other authentic learning experiences going on in your classes, please let the administrators know. We would like to be there as much as possible.

The best of luck to our students who are taking AP exams this week! We earned the AP Honor Roll because we increased the number of students who took AP courses and our average scores increased simultaneously. This is due to your efforts and encouraging students to take a more rigorous course load their junior and senior years. We have many more students who qualify and can take these courses so it'll take the effort of all us to guide them in this direction.

Thanks to our Art Department and art students for the excellent Art Show on April 23rd! It was a beautiful display of ceramics, drawing, painting, and clothing design that highlighted the talent of our students!

I would like to thank Student Council for facilitating another successful Peace Week
celebration! I also appreciate how many of you used the homeroom period to facilitate discussions about diversity and gave students an opportunity to share their voice. The culminating event, of course, was Lunch on the Lawn, where we saluted our seniors and introduced Bobby Dodd. He felt welcomed and enjoyed meeting many of you. I used an App called Flipboard, to create a digital magazine of Peace Week by uploading tweets, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos that others posted.  Take a look!

You might want to consider using Flipboard as a way to tell digital stories of the learning that takes place in your classroom. As you integrate Web 2.0 tools, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine into your lessons and have students post information, you can pull this content together into a Flipboard magazine. You can then use this as evidence of how you met some of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation Standards, include the link in your digital portfolio, send it parents, post it to your portal or class Facebook page. 
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 Staff Meeting; 3:05 PM Library
Thursday, May 8th, Leadership Team Meeting with Bobby Dodd
Thursday, May 8th-Sunday, May 11th- Spring Musical, Hairspray and Art Show; 7:30 PM Auditorium

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Until next week…

Be Great,


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