May 27th, 2014

I would like to thank all the staff and faculty who assisted with graduation! It takes a strong team
Photo taken by Morisa Cohen, 2013 GLHS Alum
to organize such an important event and the work behind the scenes leading up to the day is crucial to a successful experience. This year's team was lead by Assistant Principals, Tim Gagliardo and Dr. Art Prince. These two gentlemen did an outstanding job!

95% of our seniors graduated this year, with 49 students earning the title of Valedictorians. Nearly 80% of our graduates are attending a trade school, 2 year, or 4 year college, 2% are going to the military and 1.9% are going to the workforce. 214 seniors, or 40%, earned a scholarship, totaling $15 million! That's an $6 million increase over last year's seniors! 

We had the largest group of teachers participate in the processional this year and it was amazing! Keep the traditional alive by inviting more people to participate each year. The total time commitment is less than an hour and a half. 
Photo taken by Kalena Falk, GLHS Guidance Counselor

As we come to the end of 2013-2014 school year, please remember to:
  • Drop off a t-shirt of your school club, sport, or event for the 2013-2014 quilt. The box is located just inside my office door. 
  • Attend our luncheon on Thursday, May 29th in the Cafeteria at 11:30 AM. 
  • Finalize grades by Friday, May 30th, by 3:00 PM.
  • Check the exam duty list and report on time. 
  • Complete all steps of check-out by the end of day on Friday, May 30th. 
Reflection is at the heart of our practice and we can sometimes rush through the last week of the year without taking the time to process the entire school year. I encourage you to set aside some time to respond (in your own way) to the following items:
  • Make a list of 3 things you accomplished this year.
  • Make a list of 3 new staff/faculty members you connected with whom you didn't know before.
  • Write down 2 new things you learned this year.
  • Write down a goal you want to accomplish before the start of the 2014-2015 school year. 
Photo Taken by Frank Byers
This is my final GLHS Friday Focus and it's very difficult for me to put into words what it's meant to me to have not only served as your Principal the last six years, but to have been a part of the GLHS Family as a teacher, coach, and Assistant Principal for a majority of my 20 years in this wonderful district. I have the utmost respect for the work you do, the people you are, and your desire to do what's best for students. I'm so proud of what we've become, yet I am more excited what's in store for GLHS because of the quality people who are part of the Family. 

Some of my most memorable experiences in life have come from being a part of GLHS. What's interesting is that none of these experiences have anything to do with things, but with people. It's always about the people, not about a program, product, or brick or mortar. I will miss you, all of you, and I am better because I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with you and for you. It's been said that you don't say, "Goodbye" to the people whom you love, but you say, "I'll see you later." Well, I'll see you later...

Be Great,


May 16th, 2014

Staff News

Continue to keep Administrative Assistant, Amy Carter, in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her father. She will return Monday, but it was a difficult week for her. 

Mandarin Chinese teacher, Mike Kralovic, has resigned because he and his family are moving to Chicago. His wife landed her dream job so they are off to the "Windy City" to begin a new chapter. We wish Mike all the best and thank him for his leadership and passion in building a top notch Mandarin Chinese program!

Art teacher, Sarah Fairchild, is taking a leave of absence during the first semester next school year to focus on her art. This was a difficult decision for her, but we support her and wish her all the best! 

Many of you are avid readers and look forward to time off this summer to dive into a good book or two (maybe three or four). Some of you prefer fiction while others prefer nonfiction, specifically books teaching, learning, assessment, and leadership. Some, on the other hand, prefer a combination of the two. Either way, what’s on your summer reading list? What books do you recommend? Share here!

Students As Leaders

Seniors, Noah Dennison, Jacob McKenna, and Eric Batke decided to share their thoughts about their high school experience in some creative ways. Noah and Jacob wrote blog posts and Eric created a video of his last day as a high school student. Each tells a unique story and gives us a glimpse of what being a part of the GLHS Family has meant to them. I appreciate their transparency, honesty, and vulnerability. Please take a few minutes to read about or watch their experiences:

Jacob McKenna- My Romans 16

Eric Batke- "My Last Day of High School... Ever"

Assistant Principal, Dr. Art Prince, and Guidance Counselor, Jim Lewis, facilitated another successful Seniors Honors Awards Night program last Monday. Students who earned a local scholarship, an Honors Diploma, or an academic award were invited to attend. There was also a flag exchange ceremony between our six foreign exchange students and Student Council President, Hannah Kesig.  Following is a list of seniors who earned a local scholarship:

  • US Military Awards: Ohio National Guard- Kelsey Bartholomew, Jonathan Chang, Erika Reed
  • BioScience Technologies Awards- Kirsten Linnabary, Lindsay Bush
  • American Red Cross Central Ohio Scholarship- Tyler Duff, Cymone Turner, Kara List
  • National Forensic Leagues Academic All Americans- Matthew Zianni, Sedona Resenberg
  • Russell Cochrane Keidan Family Scholarship- Carolyn Armstrong, Tyler Collins
  • Maurice Jones Scholarship- Christian Grimme, Nicholas Nadar
  • Gahanna Chamber of Commerce Scholarship- Max Agranoff, Rachel Rozler
  • Shane Albaugh Memorial Scholarship- Josh Gregory
  • Jim Harper Scholarship- Megan Van Sickle
  • Denny Green Scholarship- Josh Gregory
  • Jess Howard Electric Scholarship- Kyle Smith
  • High Point PTA Scholarship- Kirsten Linnabary
  • Royal Manor PTO Scholarship- Sarpona Sarpong
  • Lincoln Elementary Scholarship- Rebecca Gavin
  • Charlotte Secrest Goshen Lane Scholarship- Nick Nadar
  • Middle School South PTO Scholarship- Kyle Smith
  • Bus Driver Local 249 Scholarship- Rebecca Gavin
  • Karen Coggins Family Scholarship- William “Frog” Fenton
  • Tutoring Club Scholarship- Ben Foley
  • OCE Scholarship- Alex Ankrim
  • Newark Teachers Association Scholarship- Michael McMasters
  • Republic Waste Scholarship- Caroline Spartis
  • GJEA John Allen Scholarship- Andrew Collins
  • GJPS Graduate Profile Scholarship- Laura Stegner
  • Board of Education/Superintendent’s Scholarship- Tyler Collins, Emily Merickel, Elizabeth Merrick, Nick Nader, Sarpoma Sarpona
  • National Honor Society Scholarship- Alanna Meadows, Jon Fife, Alex Ankrim, Stephen George, Ross Candor, Rachel Rosler
  • National Achievement Award- Kirstyn Thomas

Thank you for assisting these students by writing letters of recommendation, editing essays, and providing quality classroom experiences for them. This is definitely a team effort!

Upcoming Events
  • Monday, May 19th, 2014- Distracted Driving Assembly (3 periods) Auditorium; Parent Volunteer Reception and Open House for Bobby Dodd 7:00 PM Clark Hall 325
  • Tuesday, May 20th, 2014- Band Awards Night 7:00 PM Auditorium
  • Thursday, May 22nd, 2014- Bill Withrow Award Ceremony 6:30 PM Cafeteria; Drama Banquet 7:00 PM Jefferson Country Club; Orchestra Awards Night 7:00 PM
  • Friday, May 23rd, 2014- Graduation Rehearsal 9:00 AM Auditorium
  • Saturday, May 24th, 2014-Graduation 9:30 AM The Schott

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May 9th, 2014

Thank you for participating in the letter writing activity at our last staff meeting. As educators, reflection is at the heart of our practice, so taking the time to write a letter to your “first year teacher self” serves as a reminder as to why we accepted the call to be a teacher. I also appreciate the individuals who courageously shared their letter with the staff.

My hope is that you file your letter and pull it out when you are discouraged, exhausted, or just need a little pick me up during one of those down moments you may face from time to time. Again, thank you for giving this experience a chance!

There will be a couple of room changes this summer to accommodate some space issues we are facing. Currently, the Technology Department uses H189 as storage/work station and their office is in H157. We are in need an additional room for Art, so H189 will be converted to an Art Room and the Technology Department will combine their office space, storage, and workstation to one room, which will be H126. H126 is currently used for Digital Art and a few Business classes. However, there are some ongoing electrical issues in that room, so H157 will be converted back to a classroom to accommodate the Digital Art and Business classes. These moves will take place in early June.

Staff News
Continue to keep Spanish teacher, Pam Cook, in your prayers. She has been ordered by her doctor to take the rest of the year off to rest. Her headaches have been more severe the last couple of days, so it’s important she remain off her feet, relieve stress, and get healthy. Feel free to send her cards or notes of encouragement.

We’ve added three new members to the GLHS Family!

   Library Computer/Media Aide- Shane Natalie, completed his student teaching experience with us and has extensive knowledge in the areas of computer trouble-shooting and digital content creation, and he’s a licensed teacher. He started with us a couple of weeks ago and has been a great addition!
   Business/Computer Science- Andrew Hoying, comes to us from Franklin Heights High School where he taught several Business and Management Foundation classes. He recently created course websites using Google, which transformed his classes into online/blended learning for his students!

   Speech/Speech and Debate- Leslie Muhlbach, comes to us from the award-winning Speech and Debate powerhouse of Massillon Jackson High School. She will teach several Speech classes and will coach the Speech and Debate team!

Our year-end luncheon and celebration will take place on Thursday, May 29th at 11:30 am in the Cafeteria. This is an annual tradition where we celebrate our successes, honor our retirees, and recognize our John Howard Award winners! Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend this wonderful family celebration.

We have established a partnership with Columbus State Community College to offer dual credit classes during the 2014-15 school year. Dual credit classes provide another opportunity for us to ensure our students will be career and college-ready. We are set to offer two classes: US Government for current juniors and Computer Science for current sophomores. Each course costs $25 per hour for a total of $150 for a full year course. We’ve extended the deadline to allow more students to sign up.

Students As Learners
Congratulations to our students in DECA for their 3rd place finish at the annual National DECA Competition! Thirteen students qualified to the final round and ended three Top 10 finishes!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Hairspay for such a professional, entertaining, and fun performance! From Emma English’s dynamic lead performance and strong voice, to Adam King’s entertaining performance as Mama, to the powerful voice of freshman, Alexis Young! She brought down the house! I could go on and on about all the characters, but I’ll simply say it was such an honor to experience this performance! If you get a chance, please thank all the members of the cast and crew for rising to the occasion to put on a memorable show!

Upcoming Events
Monday, May 12th- Project Andromeda 11:30-1:30 Clark Hall; Senior Awards Night 7 PM Auditorium
Tuesday, May 13th-Health Issues Presentations 11:20-12:05 J174; WGLH TV Banquet 6:30 PM; District Orchestra Concert 7:00 PM Auditorium
Wednesday, May 14-District Chamber Orchestra Concert 7:00 PM Auditorium
Thursday, May 15th- Senior Exams; Spring Band Concert 7:00 PM Auditorium
Friday, May 16th-Senior Exams
Sunday, May 18th-Vocal Music Farewell Concert 3:00 PM Auditorium

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May 2nd, 2014

Teacher appreciation, like appreciation for parents, is something that should occur daily. However, because it's such a giving profession, it’s expected for us to be all things for our students, colleagues, and community. To accept the call to be an educator is to accept an awesome responsibility to guide, mold, nurture, ignite, care for, love and discipline others in order to help them become what they were created to be.

On behalf of the Administrative Team, THANK YOU for your unyielding dedication to our students, your craft, and your calling. 

When I was at our Alumni Hall of Fame and Cornerstone Induction Ceremony on Friday, I listened to each recipient talk about the impact a GLHS teacher or colleague had on them during their time at GLHS. There was such a deep appreciation, love, and respect for how GLHS educators helped to shape the recipients into the people they are today. They talked about how GLHS is like Family. 

Please take a few minutes to watch this inspirational Soul Pancake video called, If I Knew Then: A Letter To Me on My First Day of Teaching.

Staff News
Congratulations to English teacher, Deb Muir, and her husband Greg, who are pregnant and expecting in November! 

Congratulations to Psychology teacher, Todd Keenan, and his wife Bridgett, who are expecting their third child in November!

Please keep Spanish teacher, Pam Cook, in your prayers. She's been in Mt. Carmel East Hospital for a few days suffering from major headaches. She may be released today or tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers for German teacher, Chris Swisher. She is feeling fine now and in great spirits!

Please keep former English teacher, Mark Miller, in your prayers. He recently had surgery and is recovering at Mt. Carmel East. He is getting better each day and would appreciate our prayers and words of encouragement.

Students As Learners
Thank you for updating Progress Reports last week. I'm sure you've been in contact with the parents of any of your students who need an extra push to finish strong. I also appreciate you making positive phone calls to parents as well!

If you have any upcoming student presentations, speeches, or other authentic learning experiences going on in your classes, please let the administrators know. We would like to be there as much as possible.

The best of luck to our students who are taking AP exams this week! We earned the AP Honor Roll because we increased the number of students who took AP courses and our average scores increased simultaneously. This is due to your efforts and encouraging students to take a more rigorous course load their junior and senior years. We have many more students who qualify and can take these courses so it'll take the effort of all us to guide them in this direction.

Thanks to our Art Department and art students for the excellent Art Show on April 23rd! It was a beautiful display of ceramics, drawing, painting, and clothing design that highlighted the talent of our students!

I would like to thank Student Council for facilitating another successful Peace Week
celebration! I also appreciate how many of you used the homeroom period to facilitate discussions about diversity and gave students an opportunity to share their voice. The culminating event, of course, was Lunch on the Lawn, where we saluted our seniors and introduced Bobby Dodd. He felt welcomed and enjoyed meeting many of you. I used an App called Flipboard, to create a digital magazine of Peace Week by uploading tweets, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos that others posted.  Take a look!

You might want to consider using Flipboard as a way to tell digital stories of the learning that takes place in your classroom. As you integrate Web 2.0 tools, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine into your lessons and have students post information, you can pull this content together into a Flipboard magazine. You can then use this as evidence of how you met some of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation Standards, include the link in your digital portfolio, send it parents, post it to your portal or class Facebook page. 
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 Staff Meeting; 3:05 PM Library
Thursday, May 8th, Leadership Team Meeting with Bobby Dodd
Thursday, May 8th-Sunday, May 11th- Spring Musical, Hairspray and Art Show; 7:30 PM Auditorium

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April 18th, 2014

Being an educator is challenging yet rewarding work. It’s often taken for granted by those outside of education. Educators are not only in the classroom, but on the court, field, stage, in the kitchen, and in the hallways. Former NBA Coach, Maurice Cheeks, demonstrated what it means to be an educator when he witnessed a potentially embarrassing scene for a 13 year old girl. Many of you may have seen the following video, but it’s a reminder for us to take advantage of teachable moments to help our young people:


Staff News:
Congratulations to Science teacher, Buck Bommer, and Alternative Instructor, Amy Price, on their recent engagement! Buck proposed to Amy over Spring Break and he did a great job picking out the ring! She is all smiles!

Congratulations to TV and Speech teacher, Tom Gregory; Theatre teacher, Cindi Macioce; and English/GATE teacher, Becky Rice, for having their Master Teacher status renewed! They voluntarily submitted a portfolio that reflected on their work. It’s a daunting task so we commend them for their dedication to excellence, reflective practice, and commitment to professional learning! They will be formally recognized at the May 8th Board of Education Meeting at 6:30 PM in the 3rd floor Clark Hall Commons. You are encouraged to attend to help them celebrate this joyous occasion! 

Congratulations to Social Studies teacher, Rick Hauser, for being accepted to teach a Columbus State Community College Dual Credit class this fall! Rick is one of six teachers who participated in a blended learning cohort with several New Albany High School teachers. Rick used Google Apps to develop a blended US Government course. He applied the principles he learned in the cohort to create an even more engaging and rigorous course for our students. If you want to view the course, click here.  

Students As Learners
Math teacher and Model United Nations Advisor, Ryan Lockwood, wanted to publicly thank Intervention Specialist, Dr. Essie Johnson, for escorting the Gahanna-Lincoln Model United Nations Club to Youngstown State University April 4th and 5th.  Five students participated in the Northcoast Model United Nation Conference held for the first time at the Kilcawley Center on YSU campus.  Kirsten Linnabary represented Norway in the United Nations Development Programme committee; Sarah Bray represented Sweden in the Social, Humanitarian & Cultural committee; Beth Merrick was part of the A-team and represented many countries in all the different committees; Sarah Abdallah represented Republic of Korea and Taylor Foster represented Luxembourg in one of the Security Councils.  Taylor Foster, Beth Merrick, and Kirsten Linnabary all won an Excellent Award for playing their roles at this conference.  Kirsten was also presented the gavel from the President of her committee.  This was one of the best conferences overall and one of the best for our club.  If you have a student who you think would like to be part of this club, The Model UN meets on Wednesday from 3-4pm in H113.  Please encourage your students to attend a meeting to learn more about it!  

English/GATE teacher, Becky Rice, asked students in her Honors English 10 class to write a review of their independent books they selected. Her students this year are avid readers and have found reading to be very therapeutic. They’ve collaborated with Librarian, Ann Gleek, to create a blog, video, or Facebook review of their chosen books that can be shared with students as they peruse these titles in our Library. To read their reviews and view their projects, click here.  

Congratulations to the newest 81 inductees into the Gahanna Lincoln High School National Honor Society Chapter! Students were inducted based on four criteria: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Social Studies teacher, Jen Candor, and the NHS officers delivered some compelling speeches about what it means to be a member of National Honor Society. It was an exciting evening for the students and their parents who attended this wonderful event!

Congratulations to the following students who attended and did extremely well at the Future Educators of America Conference in Minneapolis, MN last weekend! 

  • Samantha Shaw- Ohio FEA Vice President and National Voting Delegate
  • Erin Holt- Top 10 Impromptu Speech and Prepared Speech
  • Erica Glasgow- 3rd place in Job Application/Interview
  • Kaitlyn Cress (Reynoldsburg HS)- Elected as the 2014-15 FEA National Officer
  • Andrew Collins (Gah), Olivia Suitor (Reyn), Loegan Brzezinski (Reyn) and Kaitlyn Cress (Reyn) presented a workshop entitled "Oh, The Ways You Will Learn" about multiple intelligence and Dr. Seuss. 
Congratulations to Teacher Professions teacher, Robyn Hilderbrand, and all the students in the program who excelled at the FEA National Conference!

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, April 23rd- Student Council Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 10:30 AM-1:00 PM
Thursday, April 24th- Writers Club Poetry Slam 7:00 PM in the Auditorium
Friday, April 25th – Jostens Renaissance Ohio Collaborative 8:30 AM-1:30 PM Clark Hall

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April 11th 2014

One word that comes to mind  4th quarter is FOCUS. With so many events on the schedule in a short amount of time, it’s easy to lose sight of why we are here. Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful message by educator and author, Dr. Todd Wittaker, called, The Ball.

Staff News
Please keep Spanish teacher, Sherri Kotalo, in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her father. Unfortunately, he passed away during Spring Break. I would like to thank the International Language Department for supporting Sherri during the break.

Please keep Alternative Instructor, Mural Donley, in your prayers as he mourns the loss of his father.  He passed away last Thursday. 

Congratulations to Math teachers, Tyler Winner and Dustin Cullen, for completing their course work to earn their license in Education Administration from Ashland University! We also have a number of teachers in the process of completing their course work to earn a Master’s degree so let’s continue to encourage them along their journey to higher learning.

So far, through "TGIM" Casual Dress days, we've donated almost $800 to the Gahanna Jefferson Education Foundation! Thank you!  

Summer is time to rejuvenate our minds and it’s also an opportunity to seek out professional learning opportunities to improve upon our craft as educators. The ESC is hosting a Summer Leadership Academy for educators and you are encouraged to explore what they have to offer. If you are interested, please click here for more information

Students As Learners
Congratulations the Math teacher, Rod Calloway, for coaching students in his Honors Algebra II class to a top 30 finish in this year’s Ohio Math League Competition, which is highest ever ranking earned by Gahanna Lincoln High School students! Two of our 8th grade students who are in this class even earned a perfect score: Andrew Chang and Ian Ryan! Overall, the students are thrilled with their performance and have gained a greater level of confidence to tackle even more challenging problems.

As I shared in the March 21 Friday Focus, we had two groups travel abroad during Spring Break. The first group of nine students traveled to Costa Rica over spring break to experience the culture and history. Several students tweeted about their experiences and AP Spanish student, Shay Fraser, blogged about their trip. It is evident that they had an amazing time!

Fourteen students traveled to China to work closely with students at our sister school in Khuming and participate in a robotics competition. In fact, a few of their students will spend the upcoming school year at Gahanna Lincoln High as a part of an exchange program. They not only participated in a robotics competition, but they also did some sight-seeing and shadowed students at school. Fred Donelson shared several pictures of their trip via Twitter, which you can see at #glhsbots. Experiences like these help our students broaden their perspective of the world.

Seniors enrolled in the Eastland Career Center Bioscience Engineering Program presented their senior capstone projects on Friday, April 7 to a panel of educators, parents, community members, and business partners. They were competing for a chance to earn up to $1750 in scholarships. Their topics selected are excellent examples of student choice and voice to increase the overall level of engagement. Any time students have an opportunity to share their work in front an authentic audience and receive immediate feedback, their learning experiences are much more relevant. 

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, April 15th- Department Meetings
Thursday, April 17th- Early Dismissal In-service
Friday, April 18th- Good Friday: No School

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March 21st, 2014

The sun is out, it’s getting warmer, the daylight lasts a little longer, and it’s Spring Break! It’s time to get “Happy!”

Staff News
Congratulations to Physical Education teacher, Selene Kelley, who will go to Gahanna Middle School South as their full time Physical Education teacher next school year! Selene has done some amazing things for our students and I’m certain she is going to transform P.E. at GMSS!

Congratulations to Intervention Specialist, Keisha Whitfield, for accepting a position at Gahanna Jefferson Elementary School! Even though Keisha has been with us for only one year, she has made a significant impact and we wish her all the best!

Congratulations to Alternative Instructor and former German teacher, Jonna Gordyan, who will be our new Intervention Specialist next school year!

Thank you for thriving through the changes we faced this quarter. It’s been a long winter with the bitter cold and snow days; however, you remained professional and focused on meeting the needs of our students. I applaud your dedication and efforts to educate our students today for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow!

Students As Learners
Congratulations to Speech and Debate senior, Matthew Zianni, who wowed the judges with his performance last week at the Ohio Statehouse and qualified to the National Competition! He will travel to Overland, Kansas City this summer for the competition! You can read more about the Speech and Debate team here.

Several Science Academy students are currently at Bowling Green State University presenting at the Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. They’ve worked hard to prepare for their presentations and typically come back with a number of awards. This year’s group should continue the tradition.

The Science Academy is a series of STEM courses focused a rigorous and relevant curricular component within a learning climate, fostering relationships that enable students to achieve at significantly higher levels. There are two tracks: a medical/health track, and a robotics/engineering track. These courses are reflective of design thinking and rich problem solving. Some of the students in the Science Academy will travel to China this spring to compete in a robotics competition as well!

It’s important for us to provide global experiences for our students in order to help them compete in a global economy. This is no longer a choice, but a requirement in some regards. We can do that by skyping with classes in other countries, like what AP Chinese teacher, Mike Kralovic, does from time to time, or travel with students to another country.

Spanish teacher, Laura Thomas, is traveling with a group of students to Costa Rica next week to experience the culture and interact with native speakers. It’s an awesome opportunity for them! They will blog and/or tweet about their experiences, which I will share with you sometime after Spring Break.

Intervention Specialist, Corie Frasson, used pop and hip-hop music to introduce the poetry unit to students. Students were encouraged to bring in the lyrics to a favorite song (school appropriate) and analyze it using a poetic devices graphic organizer. She first modeled what she expected students to do by analyzing the song, Happy, by Pharrell. Students brought in songs by Katie Perry, Wu Tang Klan, Enimem, and Wiz Khalifa, for example. They identified personification, metaphor, simile, rhyme, alliteration, and oxymoron. The students thorough enjoyed the process because they could choose the content.

Staff Learners
Business and Technology teacher, Katie Anderson; Health teacher, Cheryl Lowery; Science teachers, Rebekkah Schmidt and Jason Hardin; and Social Studies teacher, Dwayne Marshall and Rick Hauser, have participated in a Blending Learning Cohort with New Albany teachers to learn how to develop and implement a blended learning class. They wanted to strengthen their ability to provide a blended or online course because they recognize our need to provide alternatives to the traditional class model.

The course they took was a blended format so they were able to experience what our students experience in blended learning courses. Following are more details about the cohort and course design from instructor, Catherine Chellis:

“We function as a community of learners - both online and face-to-face - and operate under a set of assumptions, beliefs, and practices.  I mention some of these below:
  1. Teaching is a complex and continuous improvement process. Technology, pedagogy, and content are interrelated (contextualized) and teachers consider all three elements as they design and develop instruction. 
  2. Professional development is intentional, relevant/meaningful, and ongoing.  
  3. Protocols provide structure and organization.  We utilize protocols (based on the work of the National School Reform Faculty) for examining our work and for providing feedback.
  4. Frameworks guide the design of our instruction (Understanding by Design), the design of our blended courses (Quality Matters), and the design of our blended/online learning activities and assessments (Situated Learning).”
I’m certain there will be another cohort in the fall, so if you are interested, please let me know so I can make sure you get the information you need to register.

Upcoming Events
March 24-28: SPRING BREAK

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Have a wonderful Spring Break from me, Samantha, and Gabrielle! 

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